How to Determine Which Vase Is Right for You

There is a mind-boggling variety of shapes and sizes available for purchase in the form of vases. The process of choosing the right vase to complement your floral arrangement can be just as time-consuming and difficult as selecting the online florist KL flowers themselves, but it is of equal importance. It would appear that the length of the vase, as well as the width of the mouth, are the two characteristics of the vase that demand the greatest consideration.

  • The width of the entrance is significant to consider since, if it is excessively large, you will require a greater quantity of flowers to successfully fill the vase. Because the width of the opening is more significant than the width of the vase itself, choose a vase with a narrow mouth if you do not have a large number of flowers to arrange.
  • The height of the vase: If you have flowers with particularly lengthy stems, use a vase that is on the higher end of the height spectrum. These include the stocks, delphiniums, lilies, and anthuriums, just to name a few examples. When arranged in a shorter vase, flowers like roses, dahlias, and disbuds look they’re most beautiful.

Think about how your arrangement will look when placed within the vase. If your flowers have large heads like lilac or disbud, you should use a flower pot that has a wider base even if the mouth is small, like the shape of a fish bowl for example. This is because larger heads require more space in the container. Vases that have mouths that stretch outward can have a beautiful appearance; nevertheless, they can be difficult to refill in the central point, and they can give the appearance of being unbalanced. When making a floral arrangement using this sort of vase, you will want a much larger quantity of flowers than usual.

It will be much simpler for you to choose the right vase if you have a mental image of how the florist Penang flowers in your arrangement might look once they have been arranged if you have a mental image of how the flowers might seem once they have been arranged. To begin, arrange them in the palm of your hand as florists do (this is what they do!). In addition to this, once you have completed this step, you can re-tie the stems and then immediately set them into the vase. If you want to gain a sense of how flowers develop and flow in their natural surroundings, it is helpful to observe nature. This may assist you in achieving the perfect flow and balance for your layout. Bring your vase into our shop, and one of our decorators will craft a breathtaking arrangement for you to place in it. It has always been a pleasure for us to build a configuration for you to use in whichever container you decide to employ.