Choosing the best rosin press

Alright so, so before digging right into the marketing of rosin presses, first you need to understand what a rosin press is. A rosin press is two plates of metal coming towards each other, bringing in heat and enough force to squeeze out the fluids from the cannabis. To keep the plan materials away from the final output, you can opt to purchase small bags that can hold an amount ranging from 5gms to 7gms of cannabis. This will allow the plant materials to be at an utter distance from the actual output of the press. Yes, opting to go for a rosin press that you’ve made all by yourself at your place, can be an option, but the notoriously short-surviving nature of such tools turns out to be a red flag. Thus, going in for purchasing a product that serves a similar purpose can be a more intelligent path to perceive. Also don’t miss out on the Sasquash rosin press at Contacting one such entity can also provide a solution to a lot of problems.

What are the few important features to look for in a rosin press?

Alright so, before purchasing a rosin press, you need to look for a few essential qualities that will dictate the life span and working ability of such a tool.

A few of such features are:

  1. Pressure applied by both ends of the metal has to be the most important part of a rosin press. This needs to be monitored. Thus, enquiring about the pressure essence of a particular set can help you shortlist the best for yourself.
  2. The shape of the plate also stands out to be important as hell. The plate should be long and narrow, and not big and uneven, as it will not allow equal distribution of weight.
  3. Distribution of heat is important in the completion of the procedure. Thus, stay away from products that can cause you issues with the distribution of heat, cause that is what is gonna squeeze out the desired product of the cannabis.

There are a variety of rosin presses, for example, pneumatic rosin presses, hydraulic rosin presses, manual as well as electric rosin presses. You need to find out your equilibrium of service, cause that will let you know which one to purchase.


Rosin presses are not tools to play around with, they cost you bucks and a definitive wrong decision in purchasing one can cost you a decent sum to cry about. Thus, look carefully, and choose the best.