What Are The Benefits Of Custom Matting For Your Facility?

Everything depends on what job you are doing. If you are looking for custom logo rugs, front entrances can be a great place to protect your brand. Customers see the mats upon entry and exit. It’s often the first thing they see when they arrive at the facility. Mats can also be used as billboards underfoot to promote your brand in areas where customers spend a lot of their time.

There is also the option of physical mat shape/size customization. However, it is not often offered with standard mat types. When tight turns or asymmetrical floors are required, shape customization is a good option.

In high-traffic areas or with large entrances, custom matting is often used:

  • Buildings of Class A
  • Hospitals and other health facilities
  • Hospitality buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Government buildings

Because these facilities have large entrance areas that require cover, custom matting can be a great solution. However, merely gluing 3-4 mats together can cause trip hazards and give the facility a less desirable appearance.

What Types Of Facilities Is Custom Mats Most Common? Why?

Visually customized mats are essential for public-facing facilities such as supermarkets, banks, restaurants, banks, and other commercial establishments.

Most facilities have some areas that require a customized option for shape customization. Facilities managers are resourceful and will often find a way to make standard mats function. They may also be under-optimizing their floor safety program. Because of the risk of inadequate floor coverage, public-facing facilities are most in need of custom-shaped/size solutions.

Large buildings of class A, hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, universities, and government buildings are the most popular places for custom mats. This type of mat is more popular than smaller mats in larger buildings. Many facility managers also very important to have a clean and crisp entrance.

What Kinds Of Messages Can Be Included On Custom Mats?

We’ve seen the most common form of messaging is branding/logo or design elements that match the facility’s aesthetic. Safety markings may be used from time to time. You can also use mats with interesting patterns and textures. These make the facility more attractive and visually pleasing.

Most facilities include a standard company logo on mats. It is common for large urban centers to include the street number as well as the building name.

Personal branding and safety notices are the main focus. Safety mats and logo mats can reinforce your company’s message.

How Can A Manager Decide The Best Mat Shape For A Particular Area?

It is whatever it takes to ensure a safe floor. Managers need to know where dirt and moisture tends to reach their floors. Managers must also monitor foot traffic and search for wear patterns. You need mats wherever dirt and moisture meet with foot traffic. Most mats come in rectangular shapes, but managers can customize the shape of mats. Managers will need to think creatively about how to bend or overlap mats in order to fit into tight spaces. This is one of the great things about disposable adhesive-backed mats. They can be cut to any size or shape without gaps or overlaps, which can cause trips or leave slippery spots between mats.