How to Take Care of Your Sneakers?

Sneakers serve a variety of purposes. You can wear them for health benefits, comfort, and as part of your style. But these things also need proper care to ensure long-term use. For example, when using the Yeezy Cream Triple White, you have to make sure the creamy white upper portion must retain its color. Manufactured by Adidas, this sneaker also has a core white midsole, and thus regular cleaning is necessary. This blog discusses some crucial sneaker care tips.

Can You Wash Your Sneakers in a Washing Machine?

When cleaning athletic shoes, you can use your washing machine without worries. However, this option is best for canvas and synthetic-made sneakers, including Keds and Vans. 

Below are some essential tips to remember when washing your shoes in the washing machine.

  • Remove the shoelaces before putting them in the machine: Much dirt is collected around the eyelets. So, when you remove the laces, water and detergent can access the shoe’s inner part.
  • Wash the laces: Next, it will be essential to wash them. Put them in a small mesh washing bag and wash them with the sneakers together to complete the job efficiently.
  • Pretreat badly soiled sneakers: Because mud and dirt are protein stains, you can use an enzymatic stain remover, such as Krud Kutter Sports Stain Remover, on them.
  • Use cold water, and use sufficient detergent: Whether you are washing your Yeezy Cream Triple White Yeezy or any other model, always use cold water and adequate detergent. Sometimes, you may feel tempted to use some extra powder. But, you must avoid that because detergent residue makes the shoes look dingy.
  • Air-dry your sneakers: Once the washing is done, it is time to dry your sneakers. The tongue must be flipped over the toe box so that dry air can circulate through the shoe interior. 

How to Reduce Odor?

Another critical point to focus on is reducing odor. While you cannot avoid foot odor, you must look for key preventive and handling measures. 

  • One effective way to do it may be adding an odor eliminator, such as white vinegar. Using a sports detergent, such as Sport Suds, can also be an option. 
  • You can remove the insoles and wash them to make the pair of sneakers look fresh. 
  • There are several odor-eliminating sprays available in the market. Using them in your shoes will fix the issue in just a few seconds. 
  • Some people choose to use powders. However, it may lead to a mess.
  • Prevention of odors is possible if you practice good foot hygiene. For example, you may consider avoiding wearing your sneakers for at least a day in between wearing them. 

Final Words

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