How does Air Source Heat Pump Operate in Summers?

An air resource heat pump is akin to your refrigerator that extracts the entire warm air inside and throws it out through the coils, keeping the inside of the fridge cool. The air source heat pump pulls the heat out of your residence, leaving it cooler.

How does it operate in the wintertime? 

In the winter months, it does the precise reverse. The heat pump pulls heat from outside air, as well as utilizes it to warm your home. Warmth can be extracted from the setting, also at temperatures reduced to 0 degrees Celsius or less.

The only downside is that as the outside temperature falls, the performance of your heat pump additionally goes down.

Benefits of an air resource heat pump

  • It is highly reliable and budget-friendly

Air source heat pumps Suffolk have a 1.8 or greater COP or coefficient of efficiency; which suggests that it is 180% more reliable than basic electric resistance heating units. Some can even have a COP of 2.4, providing them with almost 240% more efficiency. This makes them inexpensive against heating systems that utilize oil or propane.

  • It is eco-friendly

A heat pump is environmentally friendly because of its high Seasonal Power Effectiveness Ratios, or SEER. As it does not burn any type of nonrenewable fuel source when in use, it assists in reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Two systems in one

You obtain both home cooling and down systems in one device. as well as can use either depending upon the period. Hence, you conserve cash as well as energy.

  • Long-lasting

Heat pumps are easy to set up and conveniently function well for 15-20 years if maintained well.

  • Marginal upkeep 

The Air resource heat pump only calls for one annual maintenance, so you don’t need to spend too much on it.